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Lira Clinical Skincare

Lira Clinical is a global skincare care company founded by a collective group of aesthetic professionals devoted to perfecting modern skincare. We combine science and nature, along with ancient aesthetic secrets to deliver product perfection. Our advanced formulations and effective combinations make Lira Clinical beautifully unique. We recognize the importance for products that treat all skin types. Our streamlined skin care systems are specifically designed to brighten and tighten all global skin types in order to restore the skin’s health and beauty.


30 min. $45

45 min. $55

Lira Clinical Facials can be customized for any skin type and condition. They do not utilize any chemical peeling agent but still exfoliate, hydrate and balance.

-Hydrating Facial

-Hydrating Caviar Facial

-Balancing Facial

-Acne Relief Facial

-Acne Essential Facial

Corrective Treatments

45 min. $55

60 min. $65

Lira Clinical Corrective Treatments use mild peeling agents to exfoliate your skin to address various conditions. No down time is needed.

-Mystiq Elite Treatment

-Lira Lux Treatment

-Pumpkin Anti-aging Treatment

-Brightening Lifting Treatment

Resurfacing Peels

45 min. $65

60 min. $75

All Lira Resurfacing Solutions are blended with plant-derived stem cells, multiple peptide chains to control irritation, potent antioxidants to limit inflammation, and healing minerals.

Lira Clinical products must be used at home at least 2 weeks prior to a Resurfacing Peeling service.

-Vita Brite Refresher w/PSC

-Pumpkin Plus Definer w/PSC

-Lactic Clear Definer w/PSC

-Sal Pulp Definer w/PSC


Microdermabrasion is a vacuum system that uses aluminum oxide crystals to deeply exfoliate the top layer of skin to promote a healthier looking complexion.


reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Reduce pore size

reduce acne scars

Remove excess oil

Remove blackheads

Improve sun damage

Single Session:

Face: 65

Face, Neck & Chest: 85

Hands: 35

Arms & Hands: 85

Series Of Peels

-Save 5% on a series of 3 peels

-Save 10% on a series of 6 peels

-Save 10% on product purchases at the time of series purchase.

Please arrive 15 min before your first appointment to ensure enough time to fill out the appropriate forms.

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