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Hair Services

I am a firm believer in using quality products on your hair to maintain health and integrity.

I use Joico Vero K-Pak and Vero Chrome to reconstruct while it colors your hair. It looks shinier and healthier after you color than before.

For at home care, I recommend Enjoy Hair Care. It's PH of 4.5-5.5 insures your color stays in your hair and that it won't fade. It also has Cleanse Sensor Technology that insures your hair won't build up with product.

Hair Cuts

All hair cuts include an invigorating shampoo, condition with soothing scalp massage, and a blow out.

Women: 50

Men: 40

Children (under 12): 30

Color Services

With Cut

Foil: 135+

Specialty Foil: 145+

Base Color: 120+

All Over Color: 135+

Perm: 135+

Add On Services

Formula 18: 20

Luminous Clear Gloss: 20

F 18 & Luminous Clear: 30

Vero Chrome Toner: 15

Formula 18 Repair Mask: 20

Split End Mender: 20

Beautiful hair is healthy hair!

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